About Commecial Demolition & Salvage


Commercial Demolition and Salvage is a family owned and operated businesss, with over 30 years experience in the demolition industry.


We are specialits in all types of demolition, including factories, multi-storey buildings, domestic, commercial and strip-outs. 


All work is undertaken in accordance to OH&S and Worksafe regulations.


Commecial Demolition can facilitate in the acquisition of demolition permits, asbestos removal and demolition project management.



Commercial Demolition and Salvage reclaims and recycles up to 60% of the demolished product from each job, thus in return reducing the costs for our clients and supporting the sustainability of the environment.


Commercial Demolition and Salvage own a wide range of machinery, such as excavators, bobcats and trucks. 


The right equipment for the right job, minimising costs and maximising efficiency.